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Home Builders Praise our Wool Insulation

Wool Insulation is one of the best ways to help you increase your home's energy and efficiency. Using sheep wool insulation is the most natural and sustainable ways to insulate your property. Sheep wool insulation will keep your home warm in the winter and cooler in the summer!.


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    Oregon House

    The owner of a 6,000sq ft frame home in Oregon completely insulated with our wool batts says: “We passed our insulation inspection today. The inspector was impressed and has never seen anything like it in his whole career!!!!

    The owner of a frame home in Vermont insulated with our wool batts says, “Our home would never be this warm if insulated with any other material!”

    Another owner of a frame home in Massachussetts insulated with our wool had a fire and says, “My electrician told me we would have had a house fire if we had not used wool insulation. The hot wire that was left in the wall would have caught fire with other insulations!”


  • Wool-Insulation

    Ron Lepard (403-845-4777) of Blue Trail Log Homes in Alberta tells us:

    “We have gained a competitive advantage by using wool insulation in the laterals (grooves) and notches. Material costs are similar, labor costs drop dramatically and there is a substantial savings for crane rental costs at the building site. Now we can offer a high-health, non-carcinogenic product made entirely from renewable resources, and realize a significant decrease in our costs. We use wool exclusively in the laterals (grooves) and our crew loves it. If you try it, you will like it too!”

    “R values are similar to or better than other products typically used in the laterals (grooves) and notches””In Germany wool is being used to remove toxicity in what we call sick buildings.”

    “It repels water and doesn’t turn into slop when working in the rain.”

    “It has holding strength so logs can be pre-insulated before moving.”

    “Finally no more glass in our hands, skin, lungs, and nose.”

    “It doesn’t dull our chain saw blades.”